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It is a particular massage originating in Hawaii, it consists in achieving psycho-physical well-being.

Massagge lomi lomi Massagge




The lomi lomi massage is a particular type of massage originating in Hawaii.


The purpose of the lomi lomi massage does not consist in simply achieving physical well-being, but also in achieving well-being and harmony with oneself and with the surrounding environment. In a certain sense, therefore, despite originating from a geographically opposite place, the lomi lomi massage is based on a philosophy similar to that which underlies various types of oriental massages.


The lomi lomi massage originated in the islands of Hawaii, where it is practiced by expert massage therapists and has been passed down from generation to generation for a very long time. In the past, the lomi lomi massage was used by Hawaiian shamans, the so-called Ka Huna - literally "the keepers of the secret".


What is the lomi lomi massage?


Lomi lomi massage is a form of massage that originated in the Hawaiian archipelago.


Those who practice it consider it as a set of manipulations aimed at achieving to achieve balance between body and mind and harmony with the external environment.


Purpose of the lomi lomi massage The purpose of the lomi lomi massage is to exert a regenerating effect and to give the individual a psychophysical well-being, making him reach a state of harmony between body, mind and the surrounding environment.


Tradition has it that the lomi lomi massage is performed in order to restore the vital energy - defined as "mana" - of the individual.


Lomi lomi massage in tradition When the lomi lomi massage was practiced by Hawaiian shamans and healers, the manipulation techniques were performed in multiple situations: during healing rites, religious rites, rites of passage and rites practiced on "chosen" people with some influence on the community.


These rites could last for several hours and were usually accompanied by shamanic dances and religious songs.


Lomi lomi massage today Today the lomi lomi massage is also widespread in Europe and in general in the Western world of the old continent, where it is performed in beauty centers and SPAs.


The lomi lomi massage is used above all in the presence of the following disorders and conditions in order to counter them, alleviate them or facilitate their resolution: Stress and mental fatigue;


Depressive-like symptoms (non-pathological); Emotional worries and upsets Muscle, bone and joint pain, even chronic; Trauma and injuries to the muscles and / or the osteoarticular system.


How is the lomi lomi massage performed? The lomi lomi massage should only be performed by professional masseurs who are perfectly familiar with the manipulation techniques that characterize it.


Since this type of massage aims to produce beneficial effects also on a mental and not only physical level, the masseur should fully understand all the problems complained of by the patient, in order to personalize the treatment.

Preliminary interview


Before the start of the session, the masseur should carry out a preliminary interview with the same. During the interview, the masseur will question the individual in such a way as to frame his physical, mental and emotional state and then be able to develop a specific treatment for his problems, focused on certain parts of the body rather than others. According to the knowledge of the Hawaiian tradition, feelings and emotions are concentrated in specific areas of the body: for example, feelings such as love and pain would be concentrated at the level of the heart; emotions such as panic and excitement, even if opposite, would be localized in the area occupied by the stomach and so on. Performing the lomi lomi massage Once the possibility of proceeding with the execution of the massage has been established and once the problems that the individual suffers from have been identified, the masseur can start the session.


Just before the actual lomi lomi massage begins, heated basalt stones can be used to promote and increase the individual's relaxation. The massage begins on the stomach starting from the nape of the neck, then the back, arms, legs, hands and feet are massaged; finally, the individual is placed on his stomach and the manipulations are resumed also on the front side of the body.


The manipulation techniques used in lomi lomi massage can be performed with fingers, hands, elbows and arms, but also with knees, feet and even sticks.


Land the same heated stones used before the treatment can also be used during its execution. The movements carried out by the masseur are deep and cyclic and aim to "mimic" the movement of the ocean waves that lap the islands of Hawaii. The lomi lomi massage can be performed by two masseurs who stimulate different areas of the body at the same time.


The lomi lomi massage also involves the use of natural oils and butters, used to facilitate the flow on the body of the individual. To perform the lomi lomi massage, the body of the latter is covered with a towel or cloth; the areas to be massaged are gradually discovered and then covered at the end of the manipulation.


To perform the lomi lomi massage at its best, the surrounding environment must be calm and peaceful, often scented essences and background music are also used to increase relaxation.


Tradition would like the masseur to move around the individual with graceful movements punctuated by the rhythm of the traditional Hawaiian dance, the Hula.


These traditions have not been transmitted outside the Hawaiian islands, or in any case they have been minimally, therefore it is difficult to undergo a lomi lomi massage you will witness this "dance" of the masseur.


What Benefits should Lomi Lomi Massage bring?


According to its supporters and according to those who practice it, the lomi lomi massage should be able to bring a series of psychophysical benefits.


Benefits expected on a psychic level Lomi lomi massage is attributed the ability to bring the following beneficial effects on a mental level: Promote relaxation, counteracting stress and worries; Infuse feelings of calm and tranquility;

Convey optimism and serenity;

Achieve psychic balance; Improve the individual's readiness to act; Increase self-awareness and one's potential.


Benefits expected on a physical level The expected benefits on a physical level, according to the supporters of the lomi lomi massage, it is able to:

Improve lymphatic and blood circulation;

Relieve and even eliminate muscular and osteoarticular pain, even of a chronic type; Improve joint motility and muscle tone;


Stimulate digestion and gastrointestinal functions; Improve the functionality of the urogenital system; Improve the functionality of the respiratory system.


When the lomi lomi massage should NOT be practiced Lomi lomi massage is considered a fairly safe practice, although there are conditions for which manipulation is not indicated.


More specifically, the use of lomi lomi massage is contraindicated in the following situations: Presence of skin diseases and disorders (such as, for example, infections, eczema, dermatitis, bruising, burns, etc.);


Feverish states; Debilitation; Presence of cardiovascular pathologies (for example, atherosclerosis, hypertension, phlebitis, thrombosis, hemorrhages, myocardial infarction - even in the post-heart attack period, etc.);


Presence of ongoing infectious pathologies; Presence of acute inflammatory states; Presence of kidney pathologies; Presence of inflammatory bowel diseases; Presence of serious pathologies such as, for example, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, haemophilia, osteoporosis, etc. Pregnancy; In the presence of menstruation and premenstrual syndrome.