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The Californian massage is a particular type of relaxing massage aimed at achieving the well-being of the body and at a rebalancing between the physical and spiritual planes.

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 Californian Massage

Introduction Californian massage is a particular type of relaxing massage.
It was born in California around the 70s. The Californian massage is aimed at achieving the well-being of the body and at a rebalancing between the physical and spiritual planes. What is the Californian massage?
The Californian massage is a particular type of massage performed in order to achieve balance and harmony between body and mind.
Also called psychosomatic massage or sensory massage, the Californian massage aims to "make the body come into contact" with the mind, in such a way as to obtain the well-being of the whole organism, therefore of the individual.
Notes on the history of Californian massage The Californian massage was born in the 70s near San Francisco, in "hippy" California. Initially, this massage was practiced in the context of group therapies, where people massaged each other with the intent of seeking balance with their own and others' bodies, in order to find a sort of shared well-being.
Today, however, the Californian massage is performed by expert masseurs in a single context. What are the benefits ascribed to the Californian massage?
The supporters of the Californian massage believe that it is able to benefit the body from a physical and psychological point of view, exerting an overall relaxing and beneficial action.

Physical Benefits


The potential benefits exercised on a physical level, according to those who practice Californian massage would be able to:

Reduce muscle tension;


Promote and increase skin hydration and elasticity (benefit attributable to the massage oil used to perform the treatment); Promote and stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation;


Promote weight loss; Reduce cellulite; Promote the elimination of toxins; Promote digestion. Psychic Benefits The potential psychic benefits, according to those who practice Californian massage would be capable of:


Relieve stress and tension; Reduce anxious states (NOT pathological in nature); Countering panic attacks; Increase self-esteem;


Rebalancing the nervous system, helping the individual who undergoes it to re-establish positive contact with his body.


Who is the Californian massage suitable for?


The Californian massage can be performed by anyone who wants to reach a state of total relaxation, both physically and psychically, finding harmony between and with their body and mind.


How is the Californian massage performed?


The Californian massage must be performed by an expert massage therapist.


It is advisable to carry out some preliminary operations before undergoing the actual treatment.


In order to prepare both the body and the mind to receive the treatment, enhancing the beneficial action attributed to it.


Preparation for massage Before performing the Californian massage, it is advisable to take a hot shower or bath in order to remove any residues of creams or other skin care products previously applied, whose presence could interfere with the massage itself and with the oils used. to run it.


The hot water coming from the shower or in which you immerse yourself in the case of the bath also performs a preliminary relaxing action on the muscles.


Performing the Californian massage The Californian massage is performed by the masseur with the help of scented oils that are used both to facilitate the sliding of the hands on the body of the individual who undergoes them, and to promote relaxation of the same through the aroma released by the oil used. .


The Californian massage should be performed on completely naked subjects, however this could create embarrassment for several people instead of a relaxed state.


For this, many centers provide disposable gauze briefs that customers can use instead of underwear during the session. Alternatively, you can use a warm towel to cover the parts on which the massage is not practiced.


Once all the necessary preliminary operations have been carried out, it is possible to start with the real Californian massage:


In the first phase of the massage, the recipient of the treatment must lie on the bed on his stomach.


The masseur then performs light movements starting from the neck and up to the feet.


These movements basically serve to promote relaxation of the recipient and to help him gain confidence in the professional who performs the massage.


When the individual has relaxed, the masseur proceeds with the application of scented massage oils and with the execution of more energetic movements than the previous ones.


These movements will involve all the muscles, the nerve endings and the so-called "energy centers" of the organism; they can be of different types (brushing, kneading, friction, shaking, etc.) and are carried out in a specific order.


Once the massage is finished in the prone position, the recipient will have to lie down in the supine position and the masseur will perform all the previous maneuvers also on the front part of the body.


Generally a Californian massage session lasts about 90 minutes.


When should the Californian massage not be done?


The Californian massage itself has no contraindications, however there are certain situations in which this type of relaxing treatment, as well as the execution of any other type of massage, should be avoided.


In detail, Californian massage and other forms of massage should not be performed in the presence of:


Recent trauma and / or skin lesions;


Dermatitis and dermatosis;


Infectious pathologies;

Acute inflammatory states;

Phlebitis or thrombophlebitis;

Lower limb edema related to heart failure;

Central nervous system disorders causing spasticity;


Tissue necrosis. It must be remembered that the execution of the Californian massage with certain perfumed oils and / or essential oils is contraindicated in the event that the individual receiving the treatment has a known allergy to any of the products used by the masseur.