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Thanks to the manipulation technique, effective in combating cellulite blemishes, the anti-cellulite massage allows you to model the cellulite itself, giving a better appearance to the parts of the body to be treated.

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Anticellulite Massage 

Anti-cellulite massage


Considered almost the only useful tools to fight cellulite, the manipulations carried out in the anti-cellulite massage are often pointed out as ineffective, in the case of not fast or not hoped-for results, as one would like.


But the appropriate techniques, related diets and the most skilled hands in massage therapy are not always used ... First of all, it is good to know that in reality, the real anti-cellulite massage are not called such, since the most appropriate wording should be that of lymphatic drainage massage, which act on the lymphatic circulation, stimulating it in its process of removing slag.


A process activated to prevent the accumulation of fats from continuing to deposit in the areas most prone to the formation of cellulite.


This pathology, a real skin disorder, is in fact caused by poor blood circulation, which causes the stagnation of liquids within the adipose tissues.


There are three levels of cellulite: edematous, fibrous and sclerotic; in relation, anti-cellulite treatments and massages are variable, intended for these different levels.


The draining action of a true anti-cellulite massage


Thanks to the manipulation technique, effective in combating cellulite blemishes, the anti-cellulite massage allows you to model the cellulite itself, giving a better appearance to the parts of the body to be treated.


The lymphatic drainage acts at a less deep level, through delicate movements of brushing, friction and kneading while, to act at a deeper level, the connective tissue massage prefers greater pressure from the hands to act up to the tissues.


When using the connective cellulite massage, the manipulation maneuvers are very deep, carried out with the index and thumb; provide shocks to the skin, stimulating tissues and muscles.


These massage movements are firm and can be slightly painful. The lymphatic drainage massage, also called circulatory hemolymphatic massage, has as its primary objective the stimulation of the lymphatic system and blood circulation, reactivating in particular the microcirculation of the areas affected by cellulite.


The stagnation of liquids which is at the basis of the formation of cellulite, must be fought through this manipulation capable of acting for different degrees.


First on the lymph nodes, freeing them from the lymph, which will be diverted to the kidneys and drained. Then, conveying the lymph present in the cellulite, towards the lymph nodes that will be free. In this way localized swelling is reduced, in a non-invasive or painful way. To be effective, an anti-cellulite massage that works must show a downward-upward direction. It usually starts from the ankles to the groin and buttocks, reaching the abdomen.


The part in which it is rubbed allows a micro-vibration that shakes the tissues, while in kneading the fingertips the pressure of the fingers creates its beneficial effect on the microcirculation.


Increase the beneficial effect of anti-cellulite massages


Lymphatic drainage and connective cellulite massage are manipulation techniques that can be used in combination, perhaps supported by the use of essential oils, easily absorbed by the skin to increase the draining effect.


In addition, the application of a specific anti-cellulite cream is often provided at the end of the anti-cellulite massage.


Does anyone think that after a massage treatment there are "miracles" related to the disappearance of cellulite? In reality, all the work of the masseur or masseuse must be combined with an adequate diet, perhaps without salt, with daily and constant physical activity, avoiding smoking and alcohol; as well as sometimes monitoring is necessary in the case of some ongoing pathologies or predispositions to water retention, fat accumulation, etc. 


The therapeutic and aesthetic massage, however, will result in benefits through the elimination of excess liquids and waste, also favoring smooth skin, far from the orange peel effects.


How and when to do an anti-cellulite massage


To have results, the anti-cellulite massage must be performed at least twice a week, for at least 2 months, by expert masseurs or masseuses - both in a connective way and in a lymphatic drainage mode.


The massages must be performed by specialist masseurs, in a duration of approximately 45 minutes.


Innovative anti-cellulite massage techniques


Among the innovations that are increasingly spreading as anti-cellulite therapies that work, there are infrared massages, equipped with a laser support that penetrates deep into the tissues and dissolves excess fat.


Obviously, the problem cannot be solved through this technique alone and, often, manual anti-cellulite massages are combined with those with infrared rays, for at least the first 10 treatment sessions.


Pressotherapy, on the other hand, is a further technique that acts not through the pressure of the hands of the anti-cellulite massage, but uses a machine in which to insert the areas to be treated, which performs the massage itself.


Do they work or do they not work? It would seem that the solution to the cellulite problem is simple to solve but various factors must be considered.


First of all, anti-cellulite massages


must be performed by competent masseurs, given that operators are not always up to such a difficult task as targeted lymphatic drainage for anti-cellulite function. Furthermore, cellulite could have causes not directly correlated with the removal of waste from the circulation and lymphatic system.


Sometimes a hormonal imbalance or damaged connective tissues can create this pathology and not have, through massages, a useful feedback as you would like. In any case, a series of massages is always an excellent base, effective for reshaping the skin and starting in such circumstances, with specific treatments, including targeted diets and constant treatments to monitor and correct metabolic dysfunctions.