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It is based on the principle that each point on the sole of the foot corresponds to an internal organ which is stimulated by the excitation of the nerve endings.




What is that?


This holistic plantar treatment technique is based on the principle that each point or area of ​​the sole of the foot, back and fingers corresponds, by reflex, to an internal organ, which is stimulated by the excitation of the nerve endings. By acting on these points, it is possible to positively condition the corresponding organ, restoring a new energy balance to the whole body, rediscovering well-being. The holistic plantar treatment initially consists of an accurate study and observation of the foot in its shape and structure. The analysis of the foot in a holistic physiognomic context will lead to consider many factors involving different sense organs including sight, touch and smell. The foot study will analyze shape, smell, color, temperature, calluses, signs such as wrinkles, folds, moles and spots that will give useful information on the personality and psycho-physical balance of the person. The foot sends us an incredible amount of information, communicating the psycho-physical state.


Some principles of holistic plantar treatment


Broadly speaking, and according to various theories, the action reflected on these mapped points, which correspond to organs, glands or systems of our body, affects them, with the intent of re-balancing the whole organism, in order to stimulate their self-healing abilities. Stimulation is performed mainly through tilting movements of the thumb, finger pressure, rubbing, pumping and, rarely, with the use of special "sticks".


From a scientific point of view, the functioning of holistic plantar treatment is not yet fully understood, but different models of message transmission have been proposed.


Holistic plantar treatment is a holistic discipline and therefore considers the individual as an inseparable entity of body, mind and spirit. Our body is therefore not a set of separate parts, but an indivisible totality of parts and the foot itself is considered as a "miniature person".


Holistic plantar treatment is part of complementary therapies and can be combined with conventional therapies of official medicine.


Benefits of holistic plantar treatment


Let's first dispel the popular belief that holistic orthotic treatment only relaxes. In fact, its field of application is as vast as acupuncture, a technique scientifically recognized as therapeutic. It therefore ranges in problems, for example: neurological, endocrine, gastrointestinal, nephrological, oncological, gynecological, osteorticular, autoimmune, etc. Holistic footbed treatment is suitable for people of all ages, including children. The elderly, in particular, find it very effective in relieving pain caused by rheumatism and arthritis.


Contraindications of holistic plantar treatment


Holistic plantar treatment is a widely safe practice, precisely because of the reflex concept, and the limits of a reflexology treatment are created only by particular conditions of the region in which the stimulation is carried out. Holistic plantar treatment is contraindicated in cases where there are vasculopathies of the lower limbs (eg phlebitis, varicosis), diabetic foot, warts or fungal infections. If applied in a professional and qualified way, thanks to the use of some methods, its "diagnostic" connotation can be developed, in addition to the "therapeutic" effect, thus making the technique ambivalent and much more focused on solving a problem; this is why it turns out to be an extraordinary support tool for many other techniques aimed at well-being and personal care. The tasks of the reflexologist The reflexologist does not heal, but helps to rebalance the body systems, stimulating the less active areas and calming the excessively active ones. The reflexologist does not diagnose diseases, the prerogative of the qualified doctor, but can recognize an imbalance of an organ or a bowel, a tension on the mental or emotional level. A complete holistic plantar treatment is aimed at rebalancing the person from a physical, emotional and energetic point of view.