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The hot stone massage is a very particular massage technique that involves the use of stones at variable temperatures (hot, but sometimes also cold) in order to relax the muscles, free from mental and physical tensions and arouse natural well-being in the person.

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Hot Stone Massage


Hot stone massage: characteristics and benefits


 Let's discover together the benefits of hot stone massage, also known as hot stone. The hot stone massage is a very particular massage technique that involves the use of stones at variable temperatures (hot, but sometimes also cold) in order to relax the muscles, free from mental and physical tensions and arouse natural well-being.

in the person. The hot stone massage technique mixes the use of physiological western maneuvers with elements of Ayurveda, and helps to relieve many ailments.


In the hot stone massage, the operator performs a massage with smooth and warm stones, which perform a function very similar to that of the hands.


The hot stones are thus affixed to certain points on the body to assist the action of the hand massage, thus creating a pleasant variant for the classic and more traditional massage.


The many benefits of hot stone massage have quickly spread its popularity around the world. The hot stone massage helps to relax the muscles and stimulates immediate relaxation of the body, acting in depth thanks to the stone's ability to maintain a pleasant temperature and focus the effect on the critical issues reported to the masseur.


The temperature causes vasodilation, flames and helps improve blood circulation, also favoring the work of the nervous system.


Hot stone massage was already popular many centuries ago among Native Americans, who used hot or warm temperature stones to treat aching muscles, arthritis or localized pain.


With the advent of the new age, the wealth of knowledge has been reworked through more modern standards and, in a short time, has regained its well-deserved reputation.


Hot stone massage is back in vogue thanks to the work of Mary Nelson, the founder of LaStone Therapy, a patented hot stone massage method that can only be practiced by licensed and qualified practitioners.


Since the time of LaStone, still practiced, hot stone massage has evolved and today has countless variations that promise very different benefits. Some examples concern the luxury massages with lava stones or river stones.

How does a hot stone massage work?


The hot lava stone massage requires a certain level of competence and experience on the part of those who practice it.


In particular, the massage with hot stones requires a very developed harmony between the masseur and the patient and varies, by type of stones used and size, on the basis of the disorder to be treated. For example, larger and less manageable stones can relieve the aches and pains of arthritis.


As for the cold stones, however, the massage requires specific qualities of quartz (or marble) that are specially cooled and applied on site. Cold stones are specially selected for patients suffering from capillary fragility and stimulate the narrowing of the vessels. In this way, the massage not only relaxes and relaxes, but also improves the oxygenation of the cells, favoring the expulsion of toxins.


The stones, usually in smoothed and blunt basalt, are previously heated to 65-70 ° for hygiene reasons. After an initial Swedish massage that uses oil, the stones are placed on the critical issues reported by the patient.


In case of stones that are too hot, too heavy or too annoying, the client must immediately report his discomfort to the masseur.


The hot stone massage is a pampering that relaxes the mind and body, perfect for giving relief in situations of muscle pain and arthritic and rheumatic symptoms.


Hot stones are good for back pain, and we can't underestimate the mental benefits of hot stone massage.


A hot stone massage helps fight stress, insomnia and depression, and is often integrated with aromatherapy to amplify well-being. The hot stone massage is particularly suitable for opening the chakras and re-tune them to their natural balance, releasing the body's energies through the Ayurvedic power of massage. The effect of the hot stone massage is indicated for correcting negative thoughts and turbulent moods. It will be sufficient to apply the hot stones on the body, at the height of the chakras.